Felony Cases

Rhonda Neff has many years of experience working on felony cases at the state and federal level.

— Rhonda Neff

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney for your Felony Case

After an arrest, you may be stressed about your options and the direction your life is headed. The best choice you can make is hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the law and systems. By hiring an experienced attorney, you’ll have a team that knows what they’re doing and can work the system in your favor. 

Rhonda Neff is that attorney. She understands that the system is flawed, and she understands how confused or worried you feel. She’s ready to help.

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Hire Rhonda Neff

for your felony case 

Rhonda Neff can help ensure that you get the justice you deserve. Whether that means getting your case thrown out or your sentence reduced, Rhonda Neff is here to help you.

State Felonies

Neff handles all types of state-level felony cases, including aggravated assault, sexual offenses, robbery, burglary, white-collar offenses, drug crimes, vehicular crimes


Neff will look at the evidence, witness statements, and fight to ensure that your rights are protected before and during the trial.

Drug Possession

Rhonda Neff can help get your drug possession case dismissed or your penalties reduced.

Federal Felonies

Rhonda Neff has years of experience working on federal felony cases, including (types).


If you’re a suspect of embezzlement, Neff can make sure that you get the justice you deserve. 

Tax Fraud

If you’ve committed or are a suspect of committing tax fraud, Neff will work with you to determine the best plan of action for your case.

— Rhonda Neff

How Can Rhonda Neff Help With Your Felony Case?

A criminal defense attorney will research facts, investigate your case, and negotiate with the prosecutor to get your case dismissed or have your bail, sentence, or charges reduced. By hiring a talented criminal defense attorney like Rhonda Neff, your chances of a reduced sentence are much higher. 

Rhonda Neff will work tirelessly on your case to ensure that you get your sentence reduced or your case is thrown out if possible. Your justice is her passion.



“Ms. Neff was a great help in my case. She was straight forward with me  in my options. I have never been in legal trouble before and was worried about how my charge would reflect my personal and professional character.  She was able to get my charge dismissed and salvaged my reputation. I hope to never get in legal trouble again, but if I do, I will hire Ms.  Neff!  Thank you so much for your help!” 

— Donna