Rhonda Neff handles criminal defense cases at the state and federal levels, including both felonies and misdemeanors.

Past Clients

To learn more about Rhonda Neff and her previous wins, check out these testimonials from past clients.

“I had never been in legal trouble before my incident and was looking at very serious charges. Ms. Neff immediately calmed my nerves and fought  for me every step of the way. Her knowledge of the law and proceedings made my case a much smoother ride. I cannot imagine what could have happened if I had gone with someone with less attention to detail and half the fight the Ms. Neff has.” 

— Patrick

“I’m not real good at writing but here goes. So I found myself looking at 20 years + in prison. My appointed lawyer was doing little to nothing. I was given Rhonda’s number from a friend so I decided to give her a call. (best call I ever made ) So I talked with Rhonda and she said she could help. I had very little money. I explained to her I could give her a small down payment. She was kind enough to start on my case with that. Long story short she beat my case and all charges were dropped. I would recommend here to all my family and friends. Thank you Rhonda” 

— Michael

“Rhonda is very knowledgeable and passionate about the legal field. She got my case dismissed and always kept me informed along the way. She made the whole process painless. I would highly recommend her to anyone with legal issues or concerns.” 

— Chris

“Ms. Neff was a great help in my case. She was straight forward with me  in my options. I have never been in legal trouble before and was worried about how my charge would reflect my personal and professional character.  She was able to get my charge dismissed and salvaged my reputation. I hope to never get in legal trouble again, but if I do, I will hire Ms.  Neff!  Thank you so much for your help!” 

— Donna

Several years ago I found myself in minor legal trouble and eagerly searched for legal representation. Being a physician, any minor/misdemeanor offense was of major concern, and therefore, the importance of obtaining knowledgeable, well-respected, and confident legal counsel was crucial. After an extensive inquiry, I decided on Rhonda Neff and could not have been more pleased! Not only did Rhonda exhibit the above mentioned attributes, but she was easily approachable, consistently available, and constantly in direct communication with me to insure my expectations and needs were being met. I could not have been happier with the final verdict of my case (dismissed) and credit Rhonda for fulfilling the vision we agreed upon at my first consultation. It is without reservation that I recommend Rhonda’s professional expertise for any and all types of legal counsel! Thank you Rhonda! The best and only lawyer I will use from this day forward!”

— David

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